Zoë’s Wish and Birthday Month

Zoë’s Wish and Birthday Month

Well January was a blur! Here we are in February 2020, I feel like I have so many new and exciting things coming up this year and I feel good! My son is getting married to the love of his life and I could not be happier! Weddings always bring people together in a positive way, they give you hope and renew your faith that there is good in this world. This occasion will be the joyous event of the year and I am just over the moon with glee.

Also, this year I have decided to step outside my comfort zone and create a business dedicated to my daughter. I am going to call it Zoe’s Wish, which also was the name I used when we dedicated her art to some t-shirts for the school fundraiser. I think this is where I will start with this project. I also am aspiring to write, yes I said it! I would like to write some short stories or possibly a book, we will see where this new adventure takes me. I just have this nagging feeling that I need to be, do and say more! I believe this is Zoe pushing me and I accept her challenge. Also, my medium suggested this to me over a year ago and I am just getting around to listening to her (www.terristrauss.com)

My therapist has been suggesting that I take on more as well. She had suggested life coaching which I would love to do, but I believe my calling is in this tiny business endeavor and to write my story so I think I will start with this and see where it goes. Only time will tell and what the heck?! Why not! My want and my purpose is to always give back, so I will be researching over the next few months how I can incorporate this into the bigger picture.

I would love some feedback on this, pros, cons helpful hints. All suggestions are appreciated and welcome.

Love you all, Michelle

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