Social Distancing

Social Distancing

Tough times for everyone right now. Especially, tough times for those that are grieving. Grief is so individual to each and every one of us. Some people need social interaction during this time to help keep them motivated and distracted. Others prefer to be alone and isolated. I believe most people need a little bit of both and at different times.

For me, in the beginning I needed my immediate family around me. I needed this for the distraction and to help me get through the days. As time has gone on, I need less and less and find that isolation is good as long as someone is a phone call or text message away. I’m moving into year six though and have had some time to develop what it is I need. If you are new to grief you may not know what it is you need, rest assured though whatever you need in this moment is valid and hopefully you are able to communicate those needs to someone.

Finding solace in reading other peoples grief journeys is very helpful when you feel like you are alone. This will give you some connection to others in a way that is still yours and something you can do on your own and on your own time. You never have to interact with these people yet you can find some peace in knowing that you are not alone and your feelings are definitely alright. I never like to say things get better, because how can things get better when you are missing a part of you. They will get softer, and I say that a lot but it’s the only way I can describe how it starts to become.

Some other tips on grief while social distancing would be to get outside if you can. Go for a walk, sit in your yard, close your eyes and feel everything around you. Take up an old or new hobby. Things I enjoy are Crochet, Canning, Cooking. Purge your closets, clean the garage; all of these things help keep your mind and body moving and help you make it through the days a little easier.

Also, getting to your counselor may be difficult right now. I have seen many online advertisements for online therapy. If you feel like you are missing out on your one on one counseling time please get online and talk to someone. This is also a good time to distance yourself from negativity, if you find that you are around negativity this would be a good time to distance yourself from a person, place or thing. Sitting at home can make these things fester in our brains and cause you undo stress that you do not need. Social distancing is a good time to take a look inside and find what it is that brings you “joy” and work towards getting yourself there.

These are just some things that I try to do for myself and hopefully this will help you out as well.

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