New year, New you

New year, New you

Happy New Year. For some of us this is just another reminder that another year has passed without our loved ones. Sometimes, it is difficult to celebrate the holidays or any special event. This is all part of the process, it will become easier over time but will always be a reminder to you that someone is missing.

As time passes you will find ways to honor your loved ones around the holidays. This year I replaced the flowers in her vase with a beautiful bouquet of fake flowers, I also went through another box of items that I could allow myself to let go of. This box was leftover pamphlets and decor from her funeral.

Every time I get up the courage to throw away items that are not personally hers I am overcome with guilt. I sit and contemplate all the reasons I am still holding onto these items and question if it’s ok to let them go. Well, this year I let that box go! I feel good about the step forward, it was much easier to do this five years later than in those first few years.

They say that time heals, but I believe time just changes you. I will never completely heal from this, but I will change, grow and accept my grief. I will continue to move forward and appreciate every moment in life. This year will be about growth, kindness and health.

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