Zoë’s Art

Project Description

This page is dedicated to some of Zoë’s Artwork. She was only fourteen years old, but her skills and talents felt beyond her years. One of her pieces of art was used as a fundraiser for the school to help support those affected by the shooting.

Make Love Not War
I call this one her most “Famous” piece of artwork. This is a 22’ x 28’ poster size drawing that she did by hand. Her details in the filigree just amaze me. She has hidden words and sayings throughout as well as her full name up at the top. Just a beautiful drawing that is cherished by us all.
art doodle
This is just one of the many art doodles I found in her sketch books. This is one of my favorites.
This picture is of our dog George, Zoë was 12 when she painted this picture.
ceiling tile
This is a sketch of the drawing that Zoë did for her middle school art classroom. The teacher had given the students each a ceiling tile to decorate and this was Zoë’s.
This her cat Bella, which was also painted at 12 years old.

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