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A Place For Healing

As a Health and Wellness Coach for over fifteen years, I have worked with many clients. My calm, kind-hearted, and realistic approach has helped many people with their fitness and nutrition goals. Although I no longer work directly in that field. I hope that you will find a connection with me in my healing journey and that it will provide you the hope you need to continue forward.

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My blog contains information on my journey through life and grief, has coping mechanisms that worked for my situation and other topics of interest. I hope that this may provide you comfort on your journey ahead—a place to acknowledge your feelings and process what you are encountering.

Year Seven

It's been seven years, but it feels like yesterday... Seven years without you, my sweet Zoe Raine. Seven years without everything about you, your love, your beauty, your inquisitive nature,...

The Seasons of change

Seasons are changing... Well, I took a 4-month hiatus to spend time with family on vacation and have family stay with me. My husband was on deployment during this time,...

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