Let’s talk about exercise and how it benefits us in grief.

Let’s talk about exercise and how it benefits us in grief.

“Exercise and grief,”

I had a thought this morning as I was on my morning walk, and my thought said that I have mentioned exercise before in previous posts, I even mention the benefits of exercise in my book.  However, I don’t really talk about what we should do, or what we could be doing. This is especially important for our grieving bodies.

Exercise is a key component to well being.

It helps our entire system to run smoothly, it wards off disease, and increases brain health. Exercise helps us maintain weight and keeps our bodies strong!
When I was younger, I was active in sports, which kept me in decent shape considering my diet.  As I became older, and after having my two older kids I realized just how important it was to eat right, and exercise regularly.
Before Zoë died, I was what I called the “top of my game” as far as fitness and nutrition goes. Working out regularly whether it was running, functional movement, or group exercise classes. Constantly varied movement and always moving.

What exercise do you enjoy doing?  What types of exercise have you done in the past?

Whatever you enjoy, try to get back into it. I cannot stress this enough, and I know you may not be there yet, but please try. Exercise will help, it will help you through the tough days. It can provide you an outlet for your pain. Walk, run, bike, swim, lift weights – do something!
I am nowhere near where I once was. Grief knocked me down for many years, but the minute I got back on that bike, went out for that long walk, boy did I feel a little better. We need those “feel good” endorphins, we really do. It is also amazing what our bodies can do. They will perform with what we give them.

Benefits of Nutrition,

Nutrition is the hardest for people to grasp. Why? Because the food is delicious! It also is the last thing we want in those early days, months, years in grief. I can’t give sound advice on this aspect of the grieving process, because nutritional needs are different for everyone. I will say that if this is the area that you are struggling in, then find a dietician or nutrition counselor who can walk you through proper nutrition that fits best for you.
I bet you will find the process exciting and fun! This could be a new hobby or interest to you. I know I enjoy cooking, and over the years have improved, or at least I like to think I have (you must ask my husband if that’s true!)

Get up and Move!

Basically, what I’m saying is get up and move! You will thank yourself later and feel proud of yourself again. Trust me, you will.

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