Healing thru Wellness

Healing thru Wellness

Thank you for your patience.  I have recently had my webpage updated, logo design created and wrote my first book.

What a busy year this has been, even with COVID.  It made me sit down and get things done.  The website, blog, and book have been my baby.  I have worked tirelessly to set up a site dedicated to honoring Zoë and helping others.

Writing the book has aided in healing. It was like an ongoing therapy session that allowed me time to re-live every moment, not something I thought I would ever say or want to do, but it allowed me to process my emotions differently.

We never completely heal from the death of a child, do not misinterpret what I am saying.  When I say I am on a healing journey, I know that healing will be forever.  By moving forward on my journey, it allows me to move forward in a positive light.   Just another level in my healing journey.

I would like to introduce you to my book.  I wrote my Rainbow to Keep telling my story.  I want you to know Zoë, to know who she was, and who she was to me.  My goal is to share what I went through, to help you along your journey.  I hope you can find a connection in knowing you are not alone in this newfound world of grief.

Recently, I set up an annual scholarship in Zoë’s name at the school that she died at.  I struggled with this for a very long time.  Did I want to associate myself with this school?  Could I ever step foot at that school again?  How would this look to other people?

I realized that this is where the scholarship needed to be.  When I had her past scholarship, it was in a different school district, my alma mater.  Not at her school and not being given to her community.  It finally became clear to me.  I needed to do this.  No matter how hard it would be, I needed to move the scholarship there.

I feel good about my decision.  I feel as though she would have wanted this to happen, and even though I may never step foot on the grounds of that school to give out the scholarship, I know I did the right thing.  You never know though, maybe down the road I will go there and hand out the scholarship, and it will be another step forward on my healing journey.


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