Happy 20th Birthday Zoë Raine

Happy 20th Birthday Zoë Raine

WOW! I wonder every day what you would be up to these days. The saddest part of the grieving process is the constant wonder of what you would have become. I have many theories in my mind; a blooming artist, a youtube makeup tutorial star, a veterinarian or a nurse. You would be in college now or possibly a trade school and you would be hanging out with your friends, drinking coffee, going to concerts, snuggling on the couch with me and living your best life!

I have to tell you about the most recent crazy thing that happened to me. A few weeks back I kept getting a facebook ad for Personal Creations and it was showing a visor clip for your car with your guardian angels name engraved onto it. I thought, I need this and proceeded to go through the purchasing process. Well, they couldn’t put the dots over the e in her name and that normally isn’t a deal breaker but on this day I decided that I didn’t need it that bad! Fast Forward to yesterday and I receive a box in the mail with said item! Now at first I thought the company had made a mistake or that I actually bought it. Then I saw a sweet note inside that said “I saw this and instantly thought about sweet Zoe and knew you needed to have it.” no return address, no name!! This brought tears to my eyes! I knew then that Zoe had intervened and wanted her mother to have this precious gift. Another reason is that I have been obsessing over the mother/daughter heart necklace that used to be in my car over the rear view mirror that I had lost a few years ago. I think about it every time I get into my car and wonder how I could have lost it. I feel like she replaced it for me, through my very sweet friend who saw this and felt compelled to send this to me. The universe works in mysterious ways, and I can tell you I have seen some things that I would have never believed before. Thank you friend! This was just what I needed to make it through yet another year without my sweet Zoe Raine.

On another note, I can never ever wake up without my little one by my side. She must have known I needed this morning to have to myself, for she is still asleep. So, today I will be gentle with myself and kind. I will be handing out a few RAKS in her honor today with the above printed cards I had made for this purpose and I will feel good about where I am in my healing process. Another hard day to work through but with the support I have surrounding me, it makes these days a little bit lighter.

Peace and Love,

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