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Whether you have lost a child or anyone of great significance, know that you are not alone. I hope that my book, blog, and personal experience of loss and grieving will help you find comfort as well as hope along this journey.

My Rainbow to Keep


How do you rediscover life after such a tragic loss? How do you continue living when your child has been tragically taken from you? What do you do to survive?
This book reveals the roller coaster ride of what one mother experienced as a result of her daughter’s murder, and will provide you with an insider’s look at what tragedy can do to a person, a family, and a community.

This book is filled with coping strategies, as well as validation of the emotions that are tied to grieving the loss of a child.

Heartbreaking yet compelling, this book is not only for those grieving loss but for anyone who needs hope. It provides the assurance, strength, and guidance needed to navigate the journey towards healing.

This book was written to provide hope for anyone struggling with loss.

She also takes you down the path of a mother’s undying love, and her journey through grief. She presents a heartfelt look at the highs and lows she encountered through her eyes.

In Honor of My Daughter

As a grieving mother, I desperately needed to honor my child. I wanted a place where people could remember her, see her smile, and know what an amazing human she was. That is how Healing thru Wellness was born. This page is filled with her legacy, and I now have a place to provide help to others, and to continue my healing journey.

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Zoë’s Wish

Zoë’s Wish is a kindness movement in memory of her. Random Acts of Kindness Doing things for... read more

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My blog contains information on my journey through life and grief, has coping mechanisms that worked for my situation and other topics of interest. I hope that this may provide you comfort on your journey ahead—a place to acknowledge your feelings and process what you are encountering.

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